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Doggie DNA Tests

Everyone who has mixed breed dogs has occasionally wondered what breeds are in their special pet! I know that I have several that I wonder what breeds are truly in there. Now, you can test your dog’s DNA. But how accurate are these tests and what information do they truly provide??

Well, the answer depends on the test you chose. There are several on the market right now. So, doing your research before clicking purchase now is a wonderful first step.  The main contenders for dog DNA tests are currently Embark DNA Test: Breed + Disease Detection, Wisdom Panel Health and DNA My Dog Breed Detection Kit.

The Disease Detection portion of the DNA tests are designed to give you some idea of what you dog COULD develop. It is not a guarantee that you pet WILL develop those diseases and, in some cases, if you are aware that it is a possibility, you and your veterinarian can take steps to prevent or control those diseases early.

You can have the add on Health and genetic screening for any of these tests. They all test for a wide range of possible genetic diseases and provide owners with a huge amount of information. They all test for MDR1 which is a genetic condition that affects your dog’s sensitivity to some drugs as well as a variety of hemophilia. All these tests cover nearly the same diseases so it becomes a matter of getting good results and having trust in the company.

All the DNA tests work by utilizing skin cells from the inside cheek of your dog so they can be done at home and all these tests will give you great information about your pet, but to ensure maximum benefit be sure to share this information with your veterinarian. By working together, you can ensure that you are doing your best to keep your dog healthy!

The Embark DNA Test: Breed + Disease Detection tests for 160 genetic diseases and has over 20,000 markers for the genetics of over 250 breeds. The more markers the more accurate the tests.

Wisdom Panel Health is an alternative option if you are wanting the Genetic Health testing done along with Breed Identification.  Wisdom Panel Health has over 15,000 markers in its breed identification database.

DNA My dog is another DNA test for dogs, they will identify breeds and you can get a health Add-on.  They do not list the number of DNA markers they use on their website but do claim to have most of the common dogs in North America on their list.

As always, do your research before making any purchases and ensure you know exactly what you are getting for results. Dog DNA is a great area to have fun with and give you a ton of information with your four-legged fun but any health results you get are about possibilities and should be discussed with your veterinarian to ensure that you are providing the best care possible for your dog.

Now, there are DNA tests for cats. They do not test the breed, but they do test for genetic diseases. This can be a great benefit for any cat parent by allowing you to know what you need to be watching for and make changes in lifestyle or medications to assist with possible genetic diseases.


What type of results do you get? It depends on each company but you will get a report of the findings. Typically, they will list what breeds are found to be in your dog's genetics and conditions that your dog is genetically prone to. With that report, you and your veterinarian will be able to come up with a great plan to ensure your dog's overall health and show down the negative impacts of any genetic conditions possible. 

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