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Puppy Kindergarten

Dr. Neil’s Top 6 Reasons to attend Puppy Kindergarten:

  1. Get your puppy used to different dogs.  We have all met a dog that does not like other dogs. In puppy kindergarten, your puppy will learn how to interact well with other puppies. They will develop the ability to get along with most dogs as an adult. So, you will be able to walk your dog without worrying about other dogs bothering him.


  1. Get your puppy used to being handled by different people.  Many dogs are great with their owners but are not sure about strangers. With puppy kindergarten, they learn that other people can handle them, and it will be fine.  This means that when they see new people out and about, they are happy to meet them. We also work on exams and nail trims. That means that your puppy will be more accepting of ear medications or toenail trims as an adult!


  1. Weekly play sessions with qualified professionals to ensure that all interactions are positive.  We know that playing is an important part of puppy life but ensuring that all interactions are positive is a huge way to ensure that you have a well-rounded adult dog.


  1. Expose your puppy to new things (including the veterinary office.) That way these things are not scary when they are an adult dog. The more things your puppy is exposed to in a positive way between 8 and 16 weeks, they less fearful or nervous they will be as adults.


  1. Solve behavior issues when they first start or before they start. This includes ways to stop your dogs from jumping up on you, biting, and how to play properly with you. You will also learn how to ensure your puppy knows how to be in a crate and interact with new people who come over.


  1. It's FREE and FUN for you and your Puppy!! Puppy Kindergarten classes are very fun, and you will be rewarded with a happy tired puppy!! 

Our puppy kindergarten is taught by professionals with YEARS of experience and they are free!! We know that puppy kindergarten is an important part of having a well-rounded puppy that has a great bond with their owners. Once your puppy is too old for puppy kindergarten, basic obedience classes may be the next step!




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