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Dr. Roger Neil

               A native of Lexington, Nebraska, Dr. Neil attended the University of Nebraska and received his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Colorado State University.

               Of his chosen profession, Dr. Neil says, “I can’t imagine why everyone doesn’t want to be a Veterinarian! Only a Veterinarian gets to work with all kinds of animals, from a newborn kitten to a large zoo animal. Only a Veterinarian gets to do orthopedics, dentistry, dermatology, oncology, cardiology, pediatrics, ophthalmology, and surgery. And then gets to teach puppy kindergarten and canine college! Only a Veterinarian gets to be a part of the human-animal bond, sharing the love and benefits of that animal relationship with pets and people of all ages. I can’t imagine being anything but a Veterinarian!"

               Memorable Days? “Many!! Every day I learn something new.” One highlight? Called into the Clinic in the middle of the night, “I examined a cream-colored toy poodle which had been in labor for several hours and needed help! A C-section revealed a stocky black and white baby stuck in the birth canal. Silvia worked on that puppy for 30 minutes to revive it. The puppy lived and became our Dugan. The second puppy delivered was a tiny girl, pure black. Dugan would need a playmate, and Coulee, too, joined our family. Today these two bundles of joy volunteer in Kearney’s Animal Assisted Therapy Program”

               Also sharing their home with Dr. Neil and his wife Marla are miniature poodles Brady, Foley, Molly and Cassidy; Bernese Mountain Dogs Guinness and Fergus; and two taking-life-easy felines, Pokey and Tonto.


Dr. Brandon Beebout

Dr. Brandon Beebout attended Ross University School of Medicine and LSU School of Veterinary Medicine. He then completed an internship at Pet Emergency Specialty Center in San Diego, CA in Emergency and Specialty Medicine. He then worked in Denver, CO for 2 years before settling down in Kearney, NE and working at Hilltop Pet Clinic. He is an avid sports fan, enjoys golf and analyzing sports stats. 

Dr. Beebout’s favorite cases are the ones that involve difficult or challenging diagnosis. These cases require that he be able to see the big picture and put all the information together to accurately diagnose the disease process. These cases often involve unknown toxins, infectious diseases or his personal favorite, endocrine diseases. “When you work on patients that do not talk, you must utilize all your Sherlock Holmes skills to figure out what is going on, so you can get the patient feeling better and back home where they are happiest!” Dr. Brandon says.  

He also prides himself in assisting pet owners and pets with end of life care in a compassionate and caring environment. He tries to ensure that this difficult time is as comforting as possible so that the families can focus on their loved one and nothing else.

Dr. Brandon and Dr. Pao Beebout have several pets, including Jazzy and Radio, who frequently make appearances on our Facebook page. They also have a golden retriever, Kiara and four cats named Caryn, Jim, Toast and Johan. Dr. Brandon loves to assist in getting sick or injured pets back at the loving home of their family.

Dr. Paola Beebout

Dr. Paola (Pao) Beebout was born and raised in beautiful Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. Her love for animals started young with her father as her guide into the animal kingdom. She had dogs and a cockatoo named Paco as a kid growing up (she was Paco’s favorite).

After high school, Paola went to Cornell University in Ithaca, NY majoring in Animal Science. She never complained about winter once!  After graduation in 2010 from Cornell, she went to Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine on the island of St. Kitts in the West Indies. This is where she met Dr. Brandon Beebout and started the journey to Nebraska.

After Ross University, she completed her clinical studies at LSU in Baton Rouge, graduating veterinary school in June 2014. From there, she went to San Diego to practice while Dr. Brandon was finishing his internship. The last stop before Kearney was 2 years in Denver from 2015-2017. She became an instant fan of the Rocky Mountains, as well as the Broncos and Rockies (Dr. Brandon was quite excited about this!).

Dr. Pao enjoys scenic trails with all of the dogs, sporting events, live music, a good beer, and THE BEACH!  She has accepted freshwater lakes as her ocean here in Nebraska (bless her heart!)

When it comes to veterinary medicine, Dr. Pao enjoys all soft tissue surgery, working up challenging cases, developing long-lasting rapport with the clients in the community, and of course, PUPPIES!

Dr. Beck

Maria L. Beck DVM, a graduate of the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, has been as associate Veterinarian at Hilltop Pet Clinic for 10 years. She enjoys soft tissue surgery. Maria and her husband, Doug Mead, have a border collie named Penny. She is also employed at Ravenna Vet Clinic where she helps both small and large animals. Dr. Beck enjoys using her skills and experience to ensure that all the patients she sees are happy and healthy. She enjoys foreign body surgeries and has removed everything from drinking straws to bladder stones from her patients.  She loves to assist owners to be the best advocate for their pet they can possibly be.  

In her free time, Dr. Beck has been the Veterinarian to examine the pets for the cat and dog show at the Buffalo County Fair for several years. She also volunteers at the Nebraska State Fair in the Birthing Pavilion. She enjoys teaching fairgoers about the birthing process and food animal industries. As a mixed animal practitioner, she has a unique understanding of both large animal and small animal care.

Our pets are an important part of our family, so we set our standards high!

Everyone on our team is a pet lover, and it shows. Our pets are our “kids.” We share our thoughts with them; they understand. Some of them sleep with us. We send photos of them to our families. We celebrate their birthdays. Even the largest, at 210 pounds, is a lap dog!

With you on our team,

And with gentle words, capable hands, caring hearts..

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…we pledge to give your pets the best care possible.

Together, we can make a difference….

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